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Avia Press Associates is the publisher of HELICOPTER International, HELiDATA News and HELiDATA Classified, three widely acclaimed publications providing indepth news on the world-wide civilian and military helicopter industry.

Published by industry insiders for industry professionals, these publications contain exclusive business intelligence on the rotary-wing sector not found in any other publication.

Avia Press Associates are twice winners of the Helicopter Association International “Excellence in Communications” Award for the creative and outstanding dissemination of information about the helicopter industry.

We have been providing the aviation industry with helicopter and other aeronautical coverage for over 40 years.

Throughout this period the management has been under the same experienced editorial team, giving us a level of credibility, influence and professionalism that no-one can possibly match.

Clients have included Janes All The World Aircraft, The Guinness Book of Records, BBC, ITV, The Financial Times and other daily media, Rolls-Royce Magazine and similar in-house journals published by the American Helicopter Society, Helicopter Association International etc.


HELICOPTER International is the longest running European based helicopter publication, established in 1977, published bi-monthly we are the helicopter industry's leading news journal.

Military Helicopter News

Military Helicopter News is published every two months to provide the defence industry, with  comprehensive specialist coverage of the international military rotorcraft scene

HELiDATA Classified

HELiDATA Classified provides the helicopter industry with an authoritative listing of helicopters and equipment for sale and lease throughout the world every two weeks.


HELiDATA News is the helicopter industry's own fortnightly eight page newsletter covering both the worldwide commercial and military aspects, it is well known as the "green sheet".