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HELICOPTER International and HELiDATA News, HELiDATA Classified and Military Helicopter News are published by Avia Press Associates and can be contacted at the following address:  

Avia Press Associates

75 Elm Tree Road, Locking,



BS24 8EL, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1934 822 524 or +44 (0) 1934 823 058

HELICOPTER International email - office@aviapress.co.uk

HELiDATA News and Classified email - office@helidata.info


HELICOPTER International is the longest running European based helicopter publication, established in 1977, published bi-monthly we are the helicopter industry's leading news journal.

Military Helicopter News

Military Helicopter News is published every two months to provide the defence industry, with  comprehensive specialist coverage of the international military rotorcraft scene

HELiDATA Classified

HELiDATA Classified provides the helicopter industry with an authoritative listing of helicopters and equipment for sale and lease throughout the world every two weeks.


HELiDATA News is the helicopter industry's own fortnightly eight page newsletter covering both the worldwide commercial and military aspects, it is well known as the "green sheet".